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Welcome To Jozev

We are a woman-owned business serving commissaries from the heart of beautiful New England. With an extensive and ever-growing array of products sourced from around the globe, Jozev is your go-to source for commissary basics and specialty items. We view ourselves as your partners. We are your one-stop-shop for everything your commissary needs.
Our number one priority is excellent customer service. We’ve got a can-do attitude and the ability to find even the most obscure, niche items your diverse population requests. Our team is meticulous about tracking and communication around each and every order. We offer a personalized, woman’s touch with every order.
Think of us as your commissary fairy godmothers.

Maggie Raker
CEO, Jozev Products, Inc

You Can Count On Jozev For

  • Answering Calls Personally
  • Immediate Response to New Item Request
  • Hassle-Free Replacements and Credits
  • Constant Contact From Order Receipt to Delivery
  • Meticulous Follow Up on Shipping
  • Can-Do Attitude About Scouring the Globe for Any Product, No Matter How Unusual or Niche
  • Having Your Back When You Need Something Hard to Find
  • Being Your 24/7/365 Commissary Fairy Godmothers, with a Sprinkling of Magic and a Woman’s Touch

Our History

Jozev has built its 30-year history on anticipating the needs and requests of diverse populations in commissaries around the country. When we entered into the commissary supply business, we noticed a lack of healthy and ethnically diverse products. Jozev pioneered kosher products. Our mission has always been to source a wide variety of products with an emphasis on quality, nutritious foods at affordable prices.

When we couldn’t find a line of nuts, dried fruits, and rice, we created our own. Today, our fresh, delicious food lines are among our most popular items. Whether our customers are looking for the best quality pouched mackerel filets, nutritious shelf-stable kosher and halal meals, health & beauty products, OTC meds, cosmetics, ethnic beauty products, or household sundries, it is our goal to make working with Jozev a pleasure. Our emphasis is on thorough communications that enable you to best manage your inventory on a year-round basis and anticipate year-round as well as seasonal needs.

We continue to pioneer new areas for our customers. From products ideally suited to the single housing unit population to transgender items, Jozev enables you to make your commissary successful and robust.