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About Us

Jozev Products, Inc. was launched in 1992. We are a woman-owned company, mother and daughter - Maggie Raker, CEO and Marcia Raker, President. We have a "passion" about business and satisying our customers. Our mission is to specifically supply the complex and diverse needs of commissaries nationwide. It is our goal to provide a full compliment of items for those who want something delicious and filling or just a tasty snack...or HBA, OTC, ETHNIC HBA, etc. You cater to your customers and we cater to you.

Now, at our 20 year mark we have gained the experience to provide a full line of items targeted to the end-user within each facility at the direction of the purchasing agent and trust fund supervisor. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility of a small company and ability to cater to the requests of our customers on a one-to-one basis. Our pipe-line is bursting with new foods and products just coming on the market. Our Jozev Private Label products are designed and produced in the finest facilities mindful of the heart and health of all who use them. If it has our name on it, you have a superior item. We are very fussy!

Marcia and Maggie circa 1975It is our welcome task to help make your commissary truly appealing, filled with superb products catering to all the tastes of your varied ethnic population. As women, we are "tuned in" and sensitive to understanding today's emphasis on natural and heart healthy food. Jozev wants you to have great sales! We know you will find many new and exciting items as your browse our website.

This website is updated daily so come back often. As you will discover we do handstands to get you what you want. Those elusive items..just when you think you have finally gotten everything possible and a new request needs to be filled. We are fast in sourcing your requirements.

At Jozev, we actually answer the telephones, ready to talk to you at all times. No complicated voice machines. We are diligent and on top of our game. Try'll like us.


Maggie Raker -Jozev Products, Inc.
Marcia Raker-Jozev Products, Inc.

Talk to us at: 1-800-690-1422