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    Jozev EXCEPTIONAL KOSHER Instant Ritzy Rice has gotten even ‘Ritzier”.

    ALL NATURAL of course. Make your customers happy. No “bits and pieces”. Jozev has Long Grain rice. Each grain is Full and Plump.

    Jozev “Ritzy Rice” Enriched pre-cooked Long Grain Rice Here in superior new packaging! What you have been waiting for. Our Premium Quality light and fluffy WONDERFUL INSTANT RICE. COOKS IN 5 MINUTES!

    To clarify questions everyone has but are afraid to ask:

    • Rice contains only 102 calories per ½ Cup serving white rice
    • Rice is cholesterol-free
    • Has only a trace of fat
    • Is a complex carbohydrate
    • Is gluten-free and non-allergenic
    • Is easy to digest

    Precooked rice is milled, completely cooked, then dried. The precooked rice, in its dried form is more porous so that boiling water can penetrate the grains and rehydrate them in a short time. All Jozev private label products are subject to demanding scrutiny and intense study prior to development and implementation. Since Jozev has joined the ranks of private label production the company enjoys a well-earned reputation in positioning as the highest industry standard. Our precooked white rice is enriched with iron, niacin, thiamin, folic acid, (all eight necessary amino acids) fiber plus vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous, riboflavin and potassium and therefore is JUST AS NUTRITIOUS as other white rices.

    Or to say it simply, “it’s good for you”.

    • USDA Food Guide Pyramid recommends the largest portion of your diet -6 to 11 servings a day should come from the group at the base: RICE, bread, cereal and pasta.
    • Rice is the staple food for two-thirds of the world’s population
    • Rice consumption in the U.S. continues to climb.

    It is estimated that Americans now consume 25.4 pounds per person per year. Once relegated to the side of our plates, rice is now taking center stage. From risotto to sushi to paella, food-savvy consumers are using rices as the main ingredient in recipes from around the world. Jozev “Ritzy Rice” ® proudly entered the growing list of superb Jozev private label products in August 2002.

    Packed 56/8 ounce/ UPC 795118-58312.

    Call Jozev sales department @ 800-690-1422 or for samples to try .

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    WONDERFUL AND ALL NEW! LITERALLY, THE “CREAM OF THE CROP”. Luscious and choice nuts and dried fruits. We are getting raves from our customers with our new line of JOZEV IS NUTS FOR YOU. New packaging in sturdy, re-sealable, stand-up, plastic bags. These goodies are packaged especially for us in the USA.